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Brisbane Pro Pedo Support Group Fights Back

UPDATED 16/08/2019
BUACA is not a vigilant organisation, but we do reserve our right to expose paedophiles that claim they are reformed, and are safe to be around children. BUACA and our associates agree once you have crossed that line and have exposed a child to the depravity of child sexual abuse, there is no rehabilitation to hide the crime or the conviction or non-conviction (Sect 10) . Most sex offenders are not sorry for their crimes they commit moreover they are disappointed they were found out.
Children do not ever forget the faces of those that groom and sexually abuse them, they more develop mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and PTSD that may well appear at any stage throughout their life.
Unfortunately BUACA regularly are targeted by groups or individuals that feel they have a right to sexually abuse children, some of these groups do have associations with government departments and men’s advocacy support networks.
Quite often BUACA have had to defend their rights to support vulnerable children and their families through regular defamation used by offenders using social media and unethical police actions, to date they have never succeeded .
This is an example how these groups try to intimidate and to threaten the work we do. Sadly there are several advocatesthat claim to support child abuse awareness bet yet subscribe and support the sharing of defamation to hinder our progress and ability to advocate for children at risk.
The group we are exposing here are local to Brisbane Queensland and claim to advocate for child sex offenders who have done their jail time and are released back into our community. BUACA closed this group down and had them removed from the Internet and we believe now have gone underground and using Trolls to spread their hate on social media.
BUACA has a strong presence in every state of Australia and we are constantly warned about social media hate pages and Trolls that spread the hate of the work we do, BUACA do appreciate the information and we do report it to police. Do not hesitate to contact us at
with any information that we may be able to act on……

This a copy of a email VOID sent to Admin BUACA
We wrote to you once before about incorrect info. still, you have it all on your site. several of those you "name and shame" are dead and are not up to date (galvin for one). others are not in prison, yet you show them in prison (many examples). others you have offending against their step-children when that wasn't case (s bickle for example). Others are in prison and you don't show that - eg: d francis. Really, it is sloppy work. And when you accuse people of offending against step-children and that wasn't the case, you can find yourself in trouble with the law. There are many other mistakes also, but you're aware of what they are. To say you merely re-publish what the media does in no way lets you off the hook.

I feel your outfit hides behind this veil of "decency" and "righteousness" for a few reasons....... all of them obvious to us. But the laws are about to change and bike groups are now to get a taste of what they demanded for everyone else - tough new laws. We hope you enjoy the fruits of your labours and realise that by encouraging and insisting on the introduction of harsh laws for sex offenders, you've stupidly paved the way for the same harsh new laws to be used against another scourge this country can do without - big noting biker groups. Ain't it grand?

You offer on your website the opportunity for people to respond, discuss, advise you and comment with their thoughts and feelings. I just did that. Don't reply by threatening me with the police because my opinions are not against the law and you did give your address so we could all comment. I can't wait for the day when all biker outfits subject to the same laws you demand for the other minorities. I can't wait for your friends to be detained indefinitely in prison for what "they might do" and not what they have really done. And you can be sure that we will all be there to demand of the Qld AG that he use these harsh new laws to break up, disband and outlaw forever motorcycle groups and their cowardly standover members.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to comment on your not so up to date site and rather crude attempt at personal glory.

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