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BUACA Pete Geary Documentry

The Founder and National President BUACA Pete Geary and his support crew are making adocumentary
that will prove how he was set up by a mother and her daughter and a paedophile for a crime
that did not exist ...
Never before seen video proves that the scam was to silence Pete Geary and what he
knew about The mothers treatment of her late son....

Pete Geary proved to police what really was going on and was cleared of any wrong doing but was
bitterly disappointingpolice did not charge those involved in the scam...

The Mother at the time was claiming a six figure sum in compensation from a government agency and knew
that Pete Geary could expose the abuse she inflicted on the young boy before he fatallypassed away...

The documentry will be used as evidence in a civil matter being prepared for the release of the facts...

Stay tuned watch and learn how Pete Geary provided police what they needed to prove he was
innocent of all allegations.......


Annie’s stepdad had been a part of her life from an early age.

“He came into my life when I was four, so he was pretty much my dad. He married my mum when I was six,” she said.

He began abusing Annie when she was 13, having spent years grooming her.
No More Fake Smiles
Children to benefit as BUACA helps out
Sydney traveller Min Munro was impressed with the security arrangement – an agreement BUACA’s Desert Chapter president Ben Olesen was a win for the community and the organisation. “It’s part of being a community organisation here in Mount Isa, the only difference is we ride motorcycles for a purpose and we like working with the rodeo,” Mr Olesen said.
“We like working with rotary and the lions when we get to, and hopefully we’ll get to do it next year. The donation BUACA takes away for welcoming campers, helping direct vans and watching over its flock until security takes over will go towards children’s activities this Christmas.


Convicted ********** will face much harsher sentences, including life behind bars, if the coalition government manages to get tough new laws through parliament.
New Laws for offenders

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