Darwin Awareness Ride 2010

Darwin Awareness Ride 2010 - Bikers United Against Child Abuse
Please email buaca1@gmail.com for further details...
The Darwin Awareness Ride is a unique way we as bikers can show our respect to the kids
that have to deal with child abuse, This Darwin event shows Australia that if one caring community
can get together for a common cause
then Australia wide we can raise the awareness that some
children have to live in fear.........

You may of heard the 2009 awareness ride shook Darwin to its knees as one
of the Largest Awareness get togethers Darwin has ever seen,
and Im sure all territorians really care about the safety of our children.......


The Awareness ride begins at Mindil Beach and registration starts at 12 noon,
please come early to meet and greet some of Australia finest child protection advocates
and be part of what Australia considers as a community doing what is right......
The ride heads off at 2pm and will be controlled all the way to berry springs by the NT Police,
Please note the NT police are there to also show their support in the role they play in ensuring
our kids live in safe communities.....

The Darwin awareness ride also raises funds for kids and their Families
that may be currently going through the court system with child abuse issues,
please use this event to teach your children that no matter what the signs,
that if they know of a child that is being abused, please tell someone,
If we can get that advice out there then we are are doing our job........
Darwin Awareness Ride 2010 - Bikers United Against Child Abuse