BUACA Membership 2019

JOINING THE BUACA ??? - Bikers United Against Child Abuse

The BUACA is a collection of bikers who through their own reasons have joined us to help
in our cause of helping abused children and their families,
we are not only bikers we can be anyone that holds a genuine concern for the safety
of all children Australia Wide, The BUACA depends on the generosity
of volunteers and sponsors to assist us in the work we do.

To be a full member of the BUACA you must undergo a criteria that ensures we have a clear
understanding of who you are and your eagerness to help us in
the many ways we help out in our community.Members will be
on the look out for those of you that show extra keen attendance and participation in
chapter events and goings on, and if you fit the criteria after six month
as a support member you may be asked to become a full member of the BUACA.
The BUACA has a excellent data base of volunteers all around Australia, and we depend on
volunteers to help out with information stalls, events like car racing,
bike shows, expo's etc where we will need a hand at setting up and pulling down, or maybe
to to transport goods or members, or to join us on rallies and buddy runs,
we are always needing help, each chapter will have a volunteer register and we will inform
our volunteers when a event is on and invite them to participate.
BUACA offers training and support to be able to work with children and the logistics of
how we work with other organisations.
Darwin Members and Supporters

All membershipinquiriescan be made by email: buaca1@gmail.com

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