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The Founders Message... - BUACA
A Message from the Founder......

BUACA was founded in 2001 when I became aware of serious child abuse in my hometown of Beaudesert Queensland, I was alerted to a situation of a 29 year old local man who had raped a 3 year old little girl, and was told that police would not charge the paedophile. I contacted the local police who claimed that they didn’t know of any such claim.
I could see that the lack of accountability was concerning for me and my family and that the elder who alerted me to the rape was also depending on meto supply her with answers.
My answer was after much research and consultation was to form a group of bikers to help raise the awareness of incidents of child abuse that were going un investigated, or by being of assistance that had a child that disclosed child abuse and needed protection from the abuser.I named the Group the Bikers United Against Child Abuse after consulting BACA in America who were running a similar orginisation, they gave me a heap ofinformation about how to structure the group.BUACA
BUACA was formed with three members and with the help of countless volunteers; by 2003 we had formed chapters in Queensland,Victoria,Canberra and Adelaide and we had drafted a constitution...
During 2005 BUACA Queensland became incorporated and again in 2007 we formed a National Chapter and formed a National Committee.During these growth periods we encounted many requests for assistance including several court attendances in all states including South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern territory Western Australia, and Queensland, our main purpose was to comfort and act as court support for families who faced the person who had abused their child. In 2007 we saw the forming of chapters in Cairns, Karratha. The word was out that we as bikers could do our share of dealingwith a disease in our communities called Child Abuse, nearly every single case we assisted with involved child sexual abuse.
On our journey I have made some very respected and knowledgeable friends ships being Professor Freda Briggs my mentor, who has taught me manyimportant key points to remember when advocating for abused children, I met and associated with Hetty Johnston from Bravehearts and we workedtogether on several events to raise the awareness of child Abuse.

I had some very interesting moments with Bruce and Denise Morcombe who worked with me in organising events, or by travelling with us toremote parts of Australia to show remote communities that we do support child abuse awareness in remote Australia. I met with and formed a greatfriendship with Jesse Mabo and her mother Bonita, and I have been taught many times by Dr Jan Hammill from Brisbane, and have learnt many issues surrounding foetal alcohol abuse and how it affects children when they are born.

The Founders Message... - BUACA

One of my fondest connections was with the late Barbara Holdborow who was very supportive of the type of work we did in the community,and kept me updated to what roles she was dealing with in her voluntary work with the NCCP. I met with Father Chris Riley who is the founderof Youth of the Streets charity, and a very valuable support service throughout New South Wales.
When we were busy forming our chapters in 2003, I made a very special association with a man that was not only very credible, but also a very compassionateadvocate for abused children, His name is Arthur Veno, otherwise known as Professor Arthur Veno from Monash university, the guidance and advice he broughtinto our organisation was instrumental in how we wrote our mission statement as well as structured our purpose, Art Veno from 2004 took on the invitation of being Patron of the BUACA.


With the great people who trusted us to use their knowledge we made huge inroads into how we supported child abuse awareness in Australia.
BUACA has continually held events around Australia to help communities become aware of what we did as volunteers, and as bikers, we also attendedcountless biker events, giving all our members and volunteers their part to play within our organisation.

Sadly in 2010 BUACA become the target of a paedophile ring, and a group of haters that caused us to suffer many allegations and serious defamation,the allegations were made to destroy what we do as an organisation,I thensuffered personal harm by allegations that caused me to be investigated by the police. The allegations were serious and were fabricated to close the BUACA as an organisation, All investigations were proved vexatious,despite repeated attemptsto have those that made the allegations charged with their crimes we have been told to deal with it in a civil manner, we have had to move on and keep doing what we do best. The lessons we have learnt have guided us to how we must act in the future.

The Founders Message... - BUACA
BUACA in 2014 are stronger than ever, we now are aware of the dangers surrounding our existence and the hurdles we have to jump, our purpose has grown toinclude being aware of the laws that surround child protection, and the fact that still today it is up to us to ensure families are supported all the way throughthe process of disclosure, and the fact that around every corner will be an obstacle to jump over to ensure we do what we say we do.....

My name is Pete Geary, I am a father/Grandfather and I am a biker, I am the founder of the BUACA and I am going to be BUACA until the day I die..................

The Founders Message... - BUACA

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