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Welcome to the home of the BUACA, please spend the time and take a look around at
all the events and rides we support in our journey with the BUACA...
The BUACA was founded in 2001 to service a need in our communities to help abused children
and their families, we volunteer our time so they can
feel safer knowing we are there looking out for them.
We have members supporters and volunteers through out Australia
and help is never far away...

Bikers United Against Child Abuse

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Bikers United Against Child Abuse Inc. isa Australian organisation founded by an
Australian for Australian Families and the Australian way of life of supporting a child'sright to not live in fear..


Volunteer Support
We are child protection support focused. We are not a Vigilante group nor ever will be. We do not search out and hunt down paedophiles, nor do we pursue those who are under suspicion of abusing a child. We are volunteers who care about the communities we live in. Our volunteers are regularly trained in child protection safety strategies as well as abiding by own policy and procedures statement. Being a volunteer gives you pride in the help you can give to a child and their family that has suffered child abuse, your advocacy assists the families to ensure the child is safe from further harm. Your support is needed to ensure we can carry on helping advocate for children who live in fear…..

Bikers United Against Child Abuse Home - Bikers United Against Child Abuse
This Website is a combined effort of the members and volunteers who have stood strong in ensuring our presence is felt throughout Australia and beyond. Our Advocacy is child protection focused and raising the awareness of child abuse in our communities. There is one statement that everyone needs to comprehend, and that Child Sexual Abuse will never end, it is a disease that quickly can adapt too many circumstances that will grow to defeat the vulnerable. It is our duty to ensure it is exposed and prosecuted. This website is will show our presence and efforts we have made to fight child abuse and how we do it.

BUACA Home - Bikers United Against Child Abuse

Please check back often as this website is updated regually.......Last update: 09/01/2020
Bikers United Against Child Abuse Home - Bikers United Against Child Abuse